The Price is Right (Instant Win) at Grand Duke casino

Come on down! With 4 different games on one ticket, it’s your big chance to win! Match symbols to win prizes and you might be lucky enough to play the bonus games: climb the mountain with the yodeler in Cliff Hangers or spin the wheel in the Showcase Showdown to multiply prizes. Try your luck with your favourite game show!

The Price is Right is an extremely popular and well-known brand that has endured for several generations. The game show’s wholesome, light-hearted and energetic reputation is presented throughout the game. Authentic artwork and sound effects from The Price is Right are used to perfectly capture the essence of the game show. The game can utilise the high status of this brand for marketing and will also hold a sizeable amount of nostalgic appeal.

General Features

• Base game has 2 different number match games.

• 2 separate bonus games which can be triggered from the base game.

• An extended play game, with an estimated play time of 2-3 minutes.

How to Play

The object of The Price is Right Come on Down is to complete 4 games in the base game by selecting all the symbols to reveal numbers or symbols. At the start of the game, The Price is Right Come on Down displays 4 rows of symbols. The top 2 rows in Game 1 each have 3 symbols. The bottom 2 rows in Game 2 each have 4 symbols: 1 Winning Symbol and 3 Your Symbols. A plaque shows the maximum prize amount that can be won. Two meters, one with the Cliff Hangers logo and one with the Showcase Showdown logo, collect symbols when they appear in the game. Base Game Select a symbol from the top 2 rows to reveal a prize value. Select a symbol from the bottom 2 rows to reveal a silhouetted prize symbol and a prize value.

• Game 1 – Match all 3 prize values to win the amount.

• Game 2 – Match the Winning Symbol with any Your Symbols to win the corresponding prize.

It is possible to reveal Cliff Hangers icons or a Showcase Showdown icon in the base game. When an icon is revealed it moves from the symbol to the relevant meter.

• If 3 Cliff Hangers icons are revealed, the Cliff Hangers meter is filled and the Cliff Hangers bonus game begins when the base game is completed.

• If 1 Showcase Showdown icon is revealed, the Showcase Showdown meter is filled and the Showcase Showdown bonus game begins when the base game is completed. If both bonus games are triggered, the Cliff Hangers bonus plays first, followed by the Showcase Showdown bonus.

Press REVEAL ALL to play the base game to completion automatically. Bonus games do not include the automatic play function and must be played manually.

Bonus Games Cliff Hangers

The Cliff Hangers bonus displays a mountain slope with 25 numbers. Five prizes are positioned at intervals on the slope. The largest prize is shown at the top and takes up one number space. Other prizes take up more numbers since they have smaller values. The Yodeller appears at the bottom of the slope.

Press PLAY to spin the reel. When the reel stops on a number, the Yodeller climbs the same number of steps on the slope. If the Yodeller stops on a position with a prize attached, that prize is awarded. Keep spinning the reel to continue the Yodeller’s climb. The bonus ends when the Yodeller either stops on the top of the slope or goes past the top position and falls off. The total of all the prizes accumulated during the climb is shown in the Bonus Win display and is awarded.

Showcase Showdown

The Showcase Showdown bonus displays a giant wheel covered with multiplier values. A screen near the wheel has the rotating TPIR logo on it and a SPIN button underneath.

Press SPIN to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, it points to a multiplier value, which multiplies the total amount won.

Complete Play

To complete play, reveal all the symbols in each of the 4 rows in the base game and complete any bonus games that were triggered. A message appears indicating the game’s outcome, and the play ends.