Cherry Blast

Cherries have long been one of the most prevalent symbols in the world of slot machines, but they haven’t typically been one of the most exciting ones a player can hit !

In many games, they serve as the lowest value winner on the reels; they have been especially popular in three-reel setups where they will grant a small consolation prize even if you just hit one or two.

But that doesn’t mean that this fruit can’t be made into an exciting and engaging centerpiece for a great slot machine. That’s the case in Cherry Blast, a new slot created by Iron Dog Studio. While this might seem like a basic game with a traditional fruit-flavored theme, there’s a lot more hiding beneath the surface, including a very cool special feature that will take you back to the days of retro video games.

Cherry Blast is a five-reel, 20-payline slot machine that is based on a colorful and classic theme. While the backdrop is a cool blue, it is literally bursting with color at the top, featuring reds, pinks, greens and yellows that match up with the symbols that appear on the reels during gameplay.