Ghostbusters Spectral Search

Who Are You Gonna Call?

With Ghostbusters making a comeback with a new movie mid last year, what a better idea than to introduce its fans to an online game which has Ghostbusters as a main theme. Ghostbusters Spectral Search game software by IGT is an Instant Win game has quite a unique gameplay. The player can play for free or play for real money and buy a ticket. Ticket prices cost a minimum of 1.00 and maximum of 10.00.

This is an Instant Win game that we can play on our mobile devices and tablets. This game is mobile-optimised to play on our iPhone and Android devices. There is no download needed to play this game so you can get started on this spooky game. The player can win a maximum payout of 300,000.00. This fun game is very interesting and fun and has beautiful and creative graphics.

Ghostbusters! The rules of this game are very simple. We enjoyed playing this fun game where we are met with instant wins. In this game, the player is on the search for ghosts. The player is asked to select how much they are willing to pay for a ticket (1.00 to 10.00). When the ticket price has been selected, the player can choose a location. There are 6 locations to choose from.

On choosing the location to play, the player must then click on 5 cells in the 3×3 grid to reveal the ghosts hidden underneath. If the player manages to land a certain number of certain ghosts (defined in the pay table), the player receives a payout. The player has two locations to search and these ghost revelations are accumulated together. Maximum payout is 300,000.00.