Quick fire cash

For fast-paced fun, instant win games are best. There was a time when in online slots and other casino games, instant play was rare but nowadays one cannot imagine that a casino doesn’t feature instant-play online slots !

Quick Fire Cash is an instant casino slot game. I am sure you will not walk away from Quick Fire Cash disappointed. This slot is the perfect for bagging some big bucks in the blink of an eye. You will be playing 4 mini games offering 13 ways to win. What more could you ask for. So, what are you waiting for, buckle up and start rolling the dice to play. You could end up with a huge prize.

Below the stake amount, Press the “play” button to start the game.The game starts and stake amount is deducted from the current balance. Start playing by Rolling the dice to reveal your prize multiplier. Then you will get addicted to the four mini-games playing which can help you snap up a huge and quick payout. The four mini-games can give you rewards as follows:

Game 1:  When you click on one of the barrels and uncover two same symbols in the same row, you win the prize associated with the particular row.

Game 2: Click on one of the coins to reveal two numbers symbols. If in the same row your number is greater than their number, Get ready to win.

Game 3: When you click on one of the (£ signs ) it uncover two numbers. If by adding those numbers you get 10 in the same row, you win the prize for that particular row.

Game 4: On clicking the money bag and if you uncover a stack of cash, you win the prize shown on that row.

If applicable, the total amount of your prize is multiplied by the value of the prize multiplier uncovered.

You can press “Reveal All” button to reveal all items at once.