Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

It’s impossible not to smile at the cheesy festive fun in Taco Brothers Saving Christmas by developer Elk Studios.

Filled with plenty of festive cheer and goodwill to all men, you’ll be hoping for a spot of luck too as you play on the reels in this online video slot.

Taco Brothers may look like a regular slot on first appearances but there’s lots of different ways to play, and plenty of opportunities to grab yourself a prize or two.

You’ll be spinning five reels which are large and spread across the entire screen in a standard 5×3 formation. Unlike many other slots, there’s not pay lines you need to choose from but the more contemporary “243 ways to win” set-up.

The 243 ways to win style of play removes much of the frustration from playing slots because if you get a line of three moving from left to right, you’ll be a winner! There’s no more worrying about whether it lands on an active pay line. The 243 number comes from multiplying every symbol on the reels with the three other positions it could match with on the next reel. This sum is equivalent to 3x3x3x3x3 = which equals 243!