The Lost Riches of Amazon

The Amazon is such a vast and stunning place, filled with mystery, greenery and danger; it draws tourists in each year, but not everyone can handle what the adventure can reveal.

For those of you looking to play it safe, save the price of a plane journey, and perhaps discover gold, you can play the reels of The Lost Riches of Amazon.

We’ve come across giant slots before, but the grid of this one seems to be bursting at the seams. Not only do you have a 4×5 matrix instead of a 3×5 one, but you have a selection of exclusive symbols – not a card value in sight. Not only does this make the game more immersive, but it also makes it feel even bigger because every inch of the grid is being utilised.

Furthermore, the action isn’t just going on inside the grid, but to the side of it as well. There’s a collection feature, demonstrated by a totem on the left hand side. This fills up as you play – if you’re lucky – and then you’ll activate the bonuses. You literally have so much to work towards, and look at that, this game just turned into a supersized experience rather than your average quick fix. Although this is great for users that crave longevity and depth, those that want a casual experience are going to be disappointed; this isn’t a filler.