Big Foot Scratch


Some call him Big Foot, others name the beast Sasquatch, still more say 'it's just a bloke in a hairy suit!, but we shout 'Get ready for fun and exciting reward!

As this is a fast-paced scratchcard game where the prizes certainly aren't a hotly debated issue amongst those with too much time on their hands.

Your task is to find the fabled primate by making your bet then scratching away at the 3x3 grid and revealing the icons beneath if you can get a trio of identical symbols then it's a win! You'll see pictures such as a 'Bigfoot crossing' warning sign, oversized footprint, barbecuing corn on the cob, bearded woodsman on the hunt for the creature, a woodland creek, wise owl and the top prize which is the hirsute biped himself.

If you can't be bothered to click on each icon to reveal what lies beneath then merely hit 'Reveal All' and every square will have its shrouding veil sloughed away in a trice!