Amazon Queen

Capture d’écran 2016-04-21 à 21.50.23Hunt through the lush jungle for the sultry Queen to see if you can uncover her treasures (and escape in one piece!)

Deep within the rainforests of South America lie the fabled riches of the lost tribe of Amazonian warrior women, their culture until now unsullied by the taint of men. Can you court the lovely sovereign of this arboreal realm and gain her trust or will you taste the lash of her anger if she gleans your real purpose? The Queen is situated amidst the other inhabitants of the rainforest, which include a ferocious tiger, grim gorilla, venomous snake and colourful parrot. Her loveliness seems all the more alluring as her environment is so wild! The prizes in this slots game are nearly as large as the imposing woman that is its theme, so you’ll be eager to take the chance of earning her displeasure. You cagey types can spin from as little as 20p whereas audacious explorers can bet up to 60 a spin, meaning the top prize could be 2,250 per play! As you would expect, the Queen’s symbol triggers the bonus spins round, where players are given 10 free spins with the opportunity to maybe re-trigger these extra plays, peaking at a 100 maximum, and due to her benevolent rule all wins in Amazon Queen will pay out from both left to right and right to left, increasing your chances for success at a stroke!play-now4