The Snake Charmer

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Hypnotising a deadly snake into performing your bidding is no mean feat, but playing this serpentine scratchcard game is easy-peasy! Rather than risk a poisonous fang bite all you need to do is make a bet then scratch out the coverings of a 3×3 grid which hides a slew of symbols inspired by the Snake Charmer slots game (available to play right now elsewhere on the Casino Grand Duke site).

If you can match up three of the icons then a prize will be slithering its way to you instantly! You’ll see symbols such as a surprised-looking elephant (startled by an underfoot cobra no doubt), a pretty dancing girl, a snake in a basket, mesmerising flute, riverside scene, cobra with his hood menacingly spread open and the brave snake charmer himself.

If you can reveal 3 matching Man symbols then you’ll get to play 10 free spins of the main Snake Charmer slots game with its many ways to win and beguiling prizes at your