Medusa Scratch

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The beautiful but accursed Gorgon is back again, this time casting her deadly gaze over a scratchcard game whose amazing prizes will turn you to stone!

Your only task is to match 3 or more of the symbols that are revealed beneath Medusa’s seductive but serpent-fressed face.

You’ll gawp in wonder and awe at icons such as the the winged sandals of swift-footed messenger god Hermes, a deadly snake, pair of golden earrings, a fierce Grecian warrior, bronze coin denoting the Gorgon’s grisly head, mighty flying horse Pegasus, a soaring acropolis and Medusa’s own visage (which is the top value prize, multiplying your bet by a thousand!).

Each new card can have its own level of bet applied to it so you can play it safe or be bold like the hero Perseus and take on the ghastly she-creature with a big stake that will shake the very foundations of glorious Mount Olympus itself!

The action and wins are simple and swift so it’s perfect for any of you looking to snag a quick win in your tea break or during a bus journey to the shops. Your name will be writ large in legend should you be victorious, brave soul, so draw your card-scratching sword and get stuck into it!play-now4