Foxin’ Wins Scratch

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The filthy-rich canine now has his own moneybags scratchcard game! Join the suave hound-dodger as he lets you share in his luxuriant lifestyle just as long as you can match 3 of the symbols that lie behind the picture of him looking somewhat smug in front of a bag full of golden coins!

The icons include trappings of the furry mogul’s wealth like his opulent mansion, ostentatious golden statue depicting himself, a velvet-covered Chippendale chair, flashy red sports car, roll of banknotes and the loaded dustbin-worrier himself (who will yield you the maximum jackpot, multiplying your bet by 1000x!).

True players can adjust their stake levels with each new card so you can play it safe with a little bet or live the jet set high life like Foxin’ and bet big enough to join the glitterati!

Live life in the fast lane by using the ‘Reveal All’ button to scratch away all of the icons at once or eke out the tension and thrill by clicking on each section individually to digitally scrape away its protective truth-concealing covering the choice is yours!play-now4