Big Bang


Get ready to harness the elemental powers released at the birthing of the universe as we take the vast energies of the Big Bang and convert them into fundamental cash-particles!

What happened in the micro-seconds after creation itself occurred is a momentously epic subject but here at Winzino we’ve squeezed down this reality-defining event into a slots game that will expand your winnings until they redshift!

The five reels and twenty-five fixed paylines bear many scientific mysteries that await discovery, mainly being a whole orrery’s worth of variously-hued proto-planets that are the higher value symbols.

A freshly-minted sun is the Wild so this can be used to swap out other symbols and make up new winning combinations. The awesome power of the Big Bang is truly realised though in the form of the multiplier ladder that sits on the left of the screen and  spans from 1x up to a galaxy-juddering 32x. This gauge will click up a step with each win you achieve, amplifying any payouts by the amount indicated. Alas the meter drops down to 1x when you fail to sustain a fresh winning combination on a spin.

It’s an extremely aesthetically pleasing game with a lovely spatial soundtrack so there’s really no excuse to not play this until the heat death of the universe!play-now4