Miss Midas

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We all know the sad fable of King Midas, whose golden touch was a blessing at first and then a terrible burden – but did you know he had a daughter, namely Miss Midas? Yes, everything she touches turns into gold!

She’s got the same magic metallurgical talents as her father but takes joy in the luxuries it can provide. Because of this, on the reels you’ll see symbols of unbounded wealth such as beautiful roses, exotic peacocks, a royal throne and an ornately gilded castle.

Those of you out to really share the precious princess’s lifestyle will want to go for the ‘Superbet’ option, which doubles the minimum bet level so you’ll really rack up the riches!

When you see the lovely lady on the reels she’ll flip the symbols around her into replicating Wilds, depending on your chosen Superbet level – I.e. with none she switches just the throne and peacock into Wilds, with an added bet level she also substitutes the fruit bowl symbol but add another and the commonly-occuring roses also turn Wild, boosting your chances of a win significantly!

Miss Midas also adores giving out extra spins, so when her symbol switches the others around it into Wilds these in turn make every symbol adjacent to them Wild as well! It’s a absolute shower of Wilds, so the chances of winning massive payouts increases loads!play-now4