Jack Hammer 2

jack hammer 2

The hard-boiled private Dick is back, and this time the criminal underworld want him in a concrete overcoat more than ever! This is the sequel to the popular Jack Hammer slots game you’ll find elsewhere on the site and continues the gritty gumshoe action as the eponymous sleuthing hero strives to save his beloved squeeze Pearl from the crustacean clutches of Don Crabby.

The action on the 5 reels and 99 paylines takes place on the city’s seamy waterfronts and docks, so on the reels you’ll see symbols such as a barrel of fish (emptied out to make space for a body perhaps?), an ominously deserted wharf and warehouse plus an empty machine gun case with scuttling crab. But there’s gangster glamour as well, such as the lustrous Pearl herself, a speakeasy stage mic, some ruffian thug henchmen, a speedboat with a trussed-up moll in the back, the vile-looking Don Crabby and dashing Jack himself.

The Wild symbol riddled with bullet holes is your Wild but the real fun starts when you land a winning combo as any symbols used to make up this line will stay in position for a subsequent free respin. If new symbols become part of the winning combination then these also stick around and you’ll get another extra spin, a feature that will carry on until there are no new paying symbols.

It’s time then to shoulder your holster, take a slug of neat whiskey out of the desk drawer and get ready to bust the whole case wide open with Jack Hammer 2!