Steam Tower


In an original and imaginative mashup of themes this slots game sees you having to climb up a tower to rescue a princess from a dragon (in classic style), but this time rather than using sword or lance to skewer the serpent you’re armed with steam-driven mechanical marvels as beloved by our great-great-grandfathers!

The piston-pumping power of the Victorian industrial revolution drives this 5 reel, 3 row and 15 bet line slots game in which a 19th century adventurer uses his wits and ingenious equipment to outmanoeuvre a scaly firebreather and get the girl.

As you help the moustachioed hero to navigate his way up the tower you’ll appreciate the presence of Stacked Wilds (which trigger the Free Spins feature). This sees you ascend to the first level where any further Wilds gained will grant you an added two free spins aplus access to the next floor up (which is indicated by the always-visible Floor Meter on the edge of the screen)..

With each level you rise the Win Multiplier meter also gains accordingly (namely floors 1 to 3 grant you a 2x multiplier, there’s a 3x multiplier for floors 4 to 6, a 4x multiplier for floors 7 to 9, then a 5x multiplier for floors 10 to 12 plus 6x multiplier for floors 13 to 15). When you reach the top tier of the tower then the multiplier will have swelled to an impressive 7x, plus you also gain a bonus payout multiplied by your bet level!

As you can see this is a dramatically accumulating game where the prizes can get as big as the protagonist’s top hat!

Did You Know? Some Victorians believed that magnetism could be used to relieve pain, grow hair and cure a variety of complaints including indigestion.