Neon Staxx

Neon Staxx

Anyone who loves films like Tron and fetishises the cool and clinical vector graphic design of 80s videogames is going to love this retro-futuristic slot! The soundtrack is pure synthesiser heaven, reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder having a sonic affair with Vangelis and echoes the stylish graphics perfectly!

Glowing on the five reels and forty fixed paylines you’ll see predatory symbols such as a crimson panther, eyes blazing green with a cathode ray glare, a digital lion roaring electronic defiance, a blue snake with fangs dripping in voltaic venom and an ultraviolet eagle, ready to pounce on its pixelated prey.

The look and feel is pure sci-fi and the bonus features are equally hi-tech. At the outset of every spin one of the symbols (excepting the Scatter) is selected at random to become the ‘Superstaxx’ set, meaning that that symbol type then fills every reel position.

The Wild logo is the Wild plus the pink triangle is the Scatter, 3 of which will bring you 10 free spins, 4 equates to 15 added spins and 5 means 20 free spins. While these free spins are occurring the Superstaxx function is still active but only the higher value animal symbols remain eligible to make a stack.

With all of this on your side you’ll be together in electric dreams and circuit-breaking  payouts!

Did You Know? The ‘noble’ gas neon forms no compounds to fix it to solids or join with other elements.