Koi Princess

Koi princess

Not some fishy carp royalty but a mesmeric manga-themed slots game that’s nonetheless packed to the gills with a shoal of bonus features!

This is without doubt one of the most visually arresting slots games we’ve ever had here at Grand Duke – from the oh-so-cute big-eyed anime girl who claps and squeals when you win to the excellent animation that brings an incredible sense of dynamism to the action. It’s beauty is only matched by its multi-faceted winning potential!

On the reels you’ll see symbols such as a jade frog, crouching tiger and cresting Hokkaido wave (which functions here as the Wild).

The excitement really comes though in the form of the many extra features, including random bonuses alongside a Bonus Bet mode which can be selected prior to a spin by doubling its cost.

Plus if you land three of the smiling dragon Bonus symbols during normal play then one of four awesome bonus features will trigger, including a Coin Win, Sure Win Free Spins, Wild Reels Free Spins and a handy Nudge feature to help shift the reels in your favour!

All of these ways to win will have you giggling like a harajuku ganguro in no time!

Did You Know? More than 40 new animes appear on television in Japan every seven days. More paper is used in that country to print manga comics than is turned into toilet roll.