Gunlinger’s Gold

Gunslinger's Gold

Gunslingers Gold

Gunslinger’s Gold is a mobile slot that takes you back to a time when men were men and when a six-shooter did all the talkin’.

Mosey on down to the saloon in search of some bounty rewards for bringing in a posse of wanted men in this all-action Wild West-themed game that will have you reachin’ for that their gun in your holster and showing the town what you’re made of.

This is a game for mobile slot players who are quick on the trigger and eager for some gun slinging action – there’s no prizes for second best when pistols are drawn!

Gunslinger’s Gold is a mobile slot that offers the brave and the quick the chance to win some big rewards and bounties but this isn’t a game for the fainthearted.  You will need one finger on the trigger at all times, if you want to get away with all of the Gunslinger’s